KuuRet 55+ team 


KuuRet 55+ is a department of Kuusankoski Hiking Club regd. soc., which in turn is a member of the Union of Workers’ Travel and Hiking Clubs in Finland. The activities of KuuRet 55+ are based on tourism, volunteer work and lifelong learning.
We meet every second Tuesday of the month at 18 o’clock in the Kettumäki nursing centre in Kuusankoski. The topics of the meetings have been e.g. ongoing and coming projects, quizzes related to the EU, Finland, Kymi Valley and the new Kouvola, travel planning and the actual travel reports, and programme planning for foreign guests.
Our group has participated and participates in the projects funded by the EU’s Lifelong Learning via CIMO both at home and in the EU countries. We keep in touch with our European partners.
Cultural exchanges, natural and environmental values, as well as the promotion of the physical and mental vitality are of great importance in our activities.
Our trips at home and abroad also emphasize these values. Our partners abroad are various associations and senior organizations.
Our group has participated and is participating in EU’s Life Long Learning projects. The partners are from many European countries. The ongoing projects are:
At the end of 2013 a new project called ”HELPING HANDS” was launched whose actual activities will take place in the years 2014 and 2015. The Portuguese partner is from Cascais.
Following projects are finished by August 2014:
European Learning Partnership”ACTIVE  BODY + ACTIVE MIND = HEALTHY SENIOR”
Lifelong Learning Progamme ”EUROPEAN APPROACH” (Visit the project’s own website) and
Workshop ”MANY FACES OF FINNISH NATURE ENVIRONMENT” (Visit the project’s own website)
”EXERCISE AND LEARN IN THE NATURE ENVIRONMENT” (Visit the project’s own website)
”TAKING CARE” (Visit the project’s own website),
All the projects have been funded by CIMO from the Life Long Learning Programme of the EU.